Road of Hope is always looking for volunteers to strength our team. We have different areas of work and a lot to do! The challenge is big and inspiring, therefore your participation is important! If you are interested, please contact us.

The refugees are here and we are ready to continue helping them.

We have many demands and together we can help the refugees in Amsterdam as they rebuild their road of hope for a new future. Therefore, your donation will go directly into expanding our projects, providing more resources to beneficiaries and developing our organization. Besides financial support, you may be able to provide other means of support. You could contribute, for example, by giving Dutch or English lessons. We will also be accepting donations of clothing and household items. We need community support. We need love, caring and understanding.

Join us and support our work by donating!

You can walk this Road of Hope with us!

(Because Road of Hope has the ANBI status, gifts are tax deductible in the Netherlands)
Name: Stichting Road of Hope
IBAN: NL32INGB0007373675
RSIN: 856425461

Its our duty to show our yearly plans, activities and financial report. You can find all this disclosure requirements here (publicatieplicht in Dutch).