It is likely that newcomers encounter difficulties vis-à-vis their new reality and the society, which operates very differently, therefore facing emotional distress and a sense of not belonging. This renders personal visits to their homes crucial. Road of Hope organizes two distinctive visits: welcoming and connection. The first visit is intended to welcome a new refugee or family, through an informal conversation whereby we can ascertain the background of the individual(s) and their current situation and needs. Such a visit is conducted in the mother tongue of the refugee(s), with a member of Road of Hope who not only speaks the language but has a deep understanding of their culture. From the outset, we seek to build a meaningful bond through empathy, familiarity and trust. 

The follow-up or connection visits entail a personalized support, which meets the aspiration and needs of the individuals. Our foundation provides translations and liaison, along with assistance when dealing with bureaucratic difficulties. Furthermore, we accompany refugees to appointments they may have at e.g. the GP or a hospital, and with accessing public instances such as the City Hall, Court and other organizations such as VluchtelingenWerk. With time, refugees begin to open up more and talk more about their past sufferings and emotional concerns, as well as the daily setbacks that they face. Road of Hope stands beside them through this demanding process, with optimism regarding the future.

Homes visits
Home visits