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Road of Hope

Unfortunately, many refugee children missed several and crucial years of their education. Apart from the challenged associated to learning a new language and adapting to life in a entirely new and changed environment, they often deal with traumas and memories of disturbing experiences such as war. They cannot rely on their parents to help them with studying and homework, since they often have limited knowledge of the language and face difficulties understanding the contents taught in Dutch schools. Moreover, tutoring classes can be very expensive, and most refugees cannot afford this luxury, despite the dire need for it. 

In light of the foregoing considerations, Road of Hope is developing Tutoring for Kids classes which provide children in primary school and high school with the opportunity to turn somewhere for help with their homework or extra support in their school work. This not only expands their understanding of the Dutch language, but likewise improves their knowledge in subjects compulsory in the Dutch education system.

Tutoring classes take place twice a week, with the duration of an hour in the case of elementary students, whereas high school students may receive lengthier tutoring due to the amount of homework etc. 

Tutoring for Kids