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Road of Hope

Empowering Women to develop a career plan

The Breath of Hope initiative, led by Road of Hope to support refugee women, is flourishing as it brings together 15 women to exchange experiences, offer mutual assistance, and learn the Dutch language.

It is in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by tea and biscuits; these women meet each other to discuss relevant topics related to their well-being, emotional competencies and challenges concerning their integration. While the women’s gathering ended the first week of May, new meetings are now provided for the “Aftercare” phase. This phase of the Breath of Hope project focuses on each woman personally by encouraging them to engage with reflections about their life story and everyday challenges, to develop a personal and career plan. 

As part of this “aftercare phase”, the project participants joined a Master Class on the 25th of May, which was an opportunity to get general information about the norms and values of the Dutch labour market. This session was the first of a series focused on personal development and career goals intended for the Breath of Hope participants. 

What is on the Breath of Hope’s agenda in June? 

Classes taught in Dutch will be every Tuesday at 11h in the Road of Hope office situated at Ru Paré. Those classes are provided for all women participating in Breath of Hope. In addition, Zumba classes will start on the 07th of June and will be held each Wednesday from 15h to 16h at Ru Paré for any women who would like to participate. Finally, participants of Breath of Hope will have the opportunity to have Dutch lessons every Friday at 12h from the 2nd of June, still at Ru Paré. 

Interesting in joining the project? Contact us: +31 6 87011352