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Road of Hope

Let’s grow together!

Volunteering at Road of Hope is working with international teammates, acquiring new knowledge, and experiencing personal and professional growth. For these reasons, the organization has recently offered six Coach Activism sessions available to all volunteers. 

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CoachActivism is an organization committed to offering coaching sessions, including mental health coaching and leadership support, specifically tailored for volunteers working with refugees. On May 19th, the organization hosted an informative session to thoroughly explain their work and coaching approach to enthusiastic volunteers interested in joining the program.

These sessions, lasting approximately 45 minutes each, present an excellent opportunity for volunteers to engage in discussions about themselves, their goals, objectives, as well as their profession and career. Experienced professionals in the field will conduct these sessions, which are open to addressing any topic the volunteers wish to explore.

At Road of Hope, volunteers look after many people, but it is also important to remember to look after ourselves. 

Want to become a volunteer at Road of Hope? Check our dedicated Webpage