Our work relies on four fundamental pillars which enable refugee integration, namely: Bonding, Empowerment, Equip and Engagement. 

Bonding constitutes the distinguishing feature of Road of Hope’s efforts. There are various reasons due to which refugees struggle to rely entirely on the system and the people designated to help them. We respond to this difficulty by walking alongside and by welcoming each refugee in an individualized and personalized manner, respecting the particularity of their culture and background, and showing compassion and empathy. This enables the foundation of relationships of trust and reciprocity, and of a safe environment, wherein they feel at ease to share their needs, so that we can attend to them. 

We deem Empowering of the utmost importance to improve the experience of individuals settling in their host country. Through its projects, Road of Hope supports refugees in different challenges of the integration journey, helping attain the confidence to utilize the opportunities and resources available to them. This empowerment focuses on tackling emotional barriers and generating personal growth. We assist refugees where they must overcome obstacles, implement changes and retake control over their own lives, so that independence and autonomy can be achieved. 

We equip refugees with the tools and information to thrive in their host country. But our services go beyond this, in that they are adjusted to the individual needs, perspective and mindset of refugees. The initiatives developed are devised to facilitate the learning and adaptation process. 

In order to settle in their host society, it is central to encourage the social engagement of refugees and their participation in the host society. With this intent, Road of Hope provides plenty of opportunities for social interaction, cultural exchange and the bonding between local communities and refugees. This allows for the clearing of misconceptions and exchange of perspectives, fomenting the understanding and trust of both parties. Our foundation endeavors to build a bridge between different realities and worldviews.

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