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Road of Hope

7 Years of a Joint Dream

Everything started when I was an International student, and my only connections were with my professors and classmates at the University of Amsterdam — mostly international people. Even though when I dreamed of @roadofhopefoundation, it was a joint dream!

Road of Hope is not a consequence of a personal wish but a calling to not ignore the crisis in front of me and a deep understanding of the needs and challenges! With no financial investment, we paid out of our pocket. Consistency was key for our work! 

TODAY… today it fills me with joy. We have so many partners. The City of Amsterdam, the GGD (Department of Public Health) and many other organisations that do great work.

In 2022 alone, Road of Hope had more than 1000 attendances. This year, five projects are happening with a committed and competent team. Today we assist more than 10 nationalities. They are men, women and children from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Ukraine, Nigeria, Palestine, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Mexico. Lives from all corners of the world are part of our community.

What a joy to be able to celebrate seven years! A symbolic number! Now we are dreaming of the Road of Hope in other countries, which is coming soon!

Here’s to many more years!!

Thank you to everyone who takes part!