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Road of Hope

Meeting new fellows and their challenges at Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Noord is a neighbourhood of Amsterdam city with a population of about 90 thousand, that is geographically separated from Amsterdam-Centrum and the rest of the city by the beautiful body of water called IJ. For many years, it was considered a peaceful place surrounded by nature and woody family houses, which have been drastically changing. Social housing and relatively affordable prices brought many newcomers and investments in touristic structures to Noord in the second half of the 20th century, complementing a large working-class and relatively poor population.

Representatives of organizations in Amsterdam Noord getting to know each other.

On December 07th, an initiative of Road of Hope and other organizations in Noord such as Credo Foundation and Stichting Anissa promoted a neighbourhood meeting to get to know the active people who work for the wellness of the Northern population. The “Oudejaarsborrel” (New Year’s Eve drinks) gathered around 15 people from 8 different organizations such as Combiwel, VCA, Dock, Historisch archief Oostzaan, De Evenaar, Wijkagenten (the police from the neighbourhood) and Kerkvg Amsterdam-Noord that were there to exchange experiences and needs of this new and diverse neighbourhood.

We are happy to mention that this pleasant meeting was the first step to a future cooperation!