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Road of Hope

A Generous Eve at Riekerhof

Celebrating life in between two realities (war and peace),  two great holidays (Christmas and New Year), this Wednesday (27), two Dutch organizations (Road of Hope and Impuls Childcare) got together to promote a “Shchedra Vecherya” (Generous Evening) for the Ukrainian Comunity, at Riekerhof.

The representative of Impuls Amsterdam receiving a thank-you gift from the participants. / Photos: sent by the participants.

During the day, Impuls Amsterdam led 3 workshops! Christmas decorations and Christmas cards, both for the children and handmade necklaces for the adults. The representative of Impuls received a Ukrainian national shirt, embroidered by one of the participants as a thank-you gift.

Special dinner having “Kutya” as the main dish. / Photos: sent by the participants.

At night, a special dinner was held by the Road of Hope and the Ukrainian community of newcomers. “Kutya”, the main traditional dish of Christmas Eve in Ukraine and other delicious plates made people feel warm and a little closer to home.

“While we are here, while we do not know what will happen there and then. Here and now, I wish we can long for the light of this star, be generous to ourselves in caring, in sensitivity, be generous to our relatives in sensitivity and listening, and be generous in sharing our sufferings and those of others. Be generous in vulnerability, be generous in weakness, and be generous in tears, for from weakness begins healing and renewal.”, claimed the coordinator of Together Project Alina Bielum, as part of the opening speech.

To make the event even more special, traditional carol songs from Ukraine were performed by the community in Riekerhof and conducted by the amazing and generous Musician Maryana Golovchenko.

Part of the Ukrainian community singing “Kolyadiky” (traditional carol songs), conducted by Maryana. / Photo: sent by participant.

In this spirit of generosity and fellowship, we close one more cycle of the Together Project! Thanks to Gemeente Amsterdam, and to all our amazing volunteers and partners! We hope to be back soon!