Are the food tables the best place to build cultural bridges?

Our social initiative in Amsterdam Noord has been gaining the support of the community that is coming to participate in our events. This March, the Bridge of Hope Project promoted two collective events that brought together dozens of members of our neighbourhood in Noord around tables of amazing and diverse cultural dishes.

Food Workshop

From left to right: participants around the chef table learning learning new recipes; a participant practicing; participants bringing home the food they made by their own.

On February 27th was a time of great learning and coexistence among the participants. With the theme of Asian Cuisine, the workshop opened the activities of Bridge of Hope with the participation of 14 people. Among them, a great number of newcomers and part of the Dutch community joined the amazingly diverse group we had. 


From left to right: Patricia and Gabriella welcoming guests; Patricia talking about Road of Hope; Dutch, Syrians, French and other nationalities at the same table.

As a great part of our community of Arabic origin entered into Ramadan season, in March 21st, together with our partners in Nood (Stchiching Anissa and Credo Foundation), we welcomed about 21 people from Arabic, Dutch and other cultural backgrounds, to have “Iftar”- the main meal of the fasting day, which occurs at sunset every day of Ramadan. The date was also an opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day, which took place on the same day, according to the Arabic calendar. It was a night of cultural exchange and fellowship. We are very thankful to our partners in Noord, and to Mike and Padrik from Diereneiland, who gave us amazing support.

Stay tuned to our calendar! On April 15th we will have a Candle Painting Workshop, at 10:00 on Kometensingel 58. You are invited!