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Road of Hope

Road of Hope also assists refugees in their language learning process, by setting up classes in a safe and welcoming environment. This is also an opportunity for refugees to exchange ideas, support each other and initiate friendships. We are offering three types of courses: Dutch for Beginners, Conversational Dutch (B1).

For refugees that are just starting to get acquainted with the language, we developed ‘Dutch for Beginners’ classes, supported by comprehensible teaching materials, explained and translated to Arabic, with visual aids and formal books. The primary objective of this course is to provide participants with a solid base of understanding of the Dutch language, even those who experience learning difficulties. In fact, Road of Hope meets several refugees who struggle to learn Dutch despite taking classes for some time already. Our classes allow for a cultural exchange which foments a relationship of respect and trust between the students and their teacher. Students who reach a substantial level of learning autonomy will be referred to the Conversational Dutch classes. Moreover, we invite advanced students to help beginners, a task which propels learning. Students affirm that their learning performance has greatly improved with these sessions and the study materials we provide. They find it a helpful addition to their regular classes.

Through experience, we have identified speaking as the most challenging component of the learning process. It demands practice and using the language in everyday life. In order to fulfill this necessity, Road of Hope has devised Conversational Dutch classes. We offer this course in an interactive and comfortable setting. Students practice talking in Dutch and asking questions, and get to train their listening and writing skills. They can likewise ask for help with their homework. The topics discussed in class are chosen according to the relevance they have for the students e.g. recent news or making an appointment with the GP.  

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