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Road of Hope

Encouraging Cultural Exchange through Storytelling

What is the relationship between food and traditions? What can a city tour teach about survival and overcoming difficulties?

Until December 2021, Road of Hope is promoting a series of events that will enable cultural exchanges between resident migrants and Dutch citizens in a creative, fun, and even nutritious way! Such planned activities include:

This workshop will be led by refugee women who will teach participants to make a simple dish from their home country. After the successful cooking of the food, participants can enjoy their meal while sharing stories about each other’s culture, customs and traditions.

In order to commemorate the workshop, we will write each recipe onto a small cookery booklet containing the story of each refugee woman along with the recipe she cooked.

  • City tour

A tour in which participants will learn about the events during World War II, about Remembrance Day, the Liberation Day, the history of Jews in Amsterdam and the life of an Amsterdammer during the war. Connections will be made between history and current events.

  • Foto expositie (online/fysiek) 

A session to encourage the telling of personal stories through photos and images.

  • Privilege walk

A walk in order to increase understanding of others and to reflect on how factors such as race, gender, wealth, sexual orientation and health determine our position within society, through a participative group dynamics.

Gedeelde Geschiedenis (“History Sharing”) is an initiative of Road of Hope with the Municipality of Amsterdam New West District that aims to promote diversity and integration of status holders in Amsterdam Nieuw-West through developing opportunities for sharing histories. To follow the details of each of these events follow ROH on social media!