Getting off to a flying start

The planning and fundraising phase for Road of Hope projects takes between 2 and 4 months and is always intense. Even though we are still fighting for funds, this month, we have already begun to reap some rewards of this hard work, with two of our projects starting their activities in different locations.

New horizons for new entrepreneurs

Tatev Pardjinjan welcoming newcomers at the first lesson of The Ondernemerschap Project. | Photo: Road of Hope.

The Ondernemerschap, our entrepreneurship project, kicked off on February 12 in Ru Paré (West Amsterdam) with a new class of newcomers eager to open or formalize their small businesses. The first lesson was an introduction, inviting the students to reflect on “Why own your own business?”. For the next 16 weeks, the students will have contact with topics such as Lean Startup, Fiding Customers, Productivity, Planning, Time commitment, and others. “I hope to help more participants to reach their career goals and have a place to go to with their questions and insecurities”, says the coordinator of the project, Tatev Pardjinjan. The Ondernemerschap Project consists of 16 sessions with different subjects led by entrepreneurs and experts who also provide individual mentoring.

Building bridges with the community

In the North of Amsterdam, Road of Hope’s newest project begins with a warm welcome to the entire community. Bridge of Hope is holding a Cooking Workshop on Asian cuisine this February 27 to promote cultural exchange and share customs and traditions around a long table. For the project coordinator, Gabriella Pignato, “It is more than cooking together; participants work together. This is a great opportunity to break misconceptions and promote better integration with the local community”. If there is a warmer and more familiar environment than a big kitchen, we have not noticed it yet! Best wishes to Bridge of Hope in Noord!

Guiding towards professionalization

For all those who have already been through our various projects for better integration into Dutch society, a new opportunity is opening up. Together with Horeca Vakcollege, Road of Hope is promoting a visit to the School’s premises for an experience that will give them a practical insight into the professionalization process for two categories: Cooking Assistant and Cook Chef. “We would like to introduce our participants to other opportunities and organizations. Therefore, this first open day is important for us as we can go together with them willing to start a good process. Sometimes they just need a hand to go with them to present possibilities and new opportunities”, says the director of Road of Hope, Patricia Barendregt, who will be joining the group during the visit.