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Road of Hope

Research builds a bridge between Healthcare professionals and mothers from different cultures

The Collective Cultural Research of the Healthy & Promising Start project is in full swing.

Partnering with GGD Amsterdam, Nisa for Nisa, and Stichting SomAstel, the research starts collecting inputs from women of of Eritrean, Somali, Syrian, and Moroccan backgrounds and professionals of healthcare sistem asking questions such as these: What are the needs of these pregnant women and mothers during the first 1000 days of pregnancy? How do healthcare professionals experience collaboration with pregnant women and mothers? With this research, we want to see the perspectives of women of Syrian, Eritrean, Somali and Moroccan backgrounds and of the professionals (involved in birth and upbringing). Further, we want to see if there are difficulties between the target groups and which are the needs to achieve better cooperation with each other.

With our cooperation partners, 25 interviews have now been conducted with the mothers. In December and January, nine professionals from the GGD, maternity care and midwives will be interviewed. At the end of January 2023, we will start elaborating and analyzing all the results, in which we will look at the perspectives and needs of both parties regarding the first 1000 days of children.

Through this study, we hope to contribute to the strengthening of the healthcare system and the health of newcomer mothers and their children with the ultimate goal to achieve equity in health. The Collectief Cultuureel Onderzoek, coordinated by Valérie Chin, consists of 5 stages that started in August 2022 and go through June 2023.