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Road of Hope

Together Project

Support newcomers from Ukraine

Together is a Road of Hope project to support newcomers from Ukraine living in Amsterdam. This project aims to provide Ukrainians with tools to deal with their current “in-between” situation, develop relationships and provide important information to promote a possible integration, a sense of belonging and emotional support, enabling newcomers from Ukraine to better reach their potential in the Netherlands.

Together Project Activities

Ladies Meetings

Cooking Workshops

The Art Project "Rootless"

are the opportunity to strengthen women’s emotional well-being, family dynamics and possible integration processes. These meetings are led by professional psychologists and carry activities such as relaxing essential oil workshops, tea ceremonies, gardening, candle making and information sessions.

provided by volunteers for participants aged 12+ allow people to enjoy different cultures with positive emotions and to experience group engagement, interact with each other and achieve goals together. It is also a good time for natural communication through languages they learn.

is connecting Ukrainians in the Netherlands through art, remembrances and self-reflection.  The goal of this artwork is to make Ukrainians feel connected and reflect together on their feelings, which also can be common to different local groups of “displaced people” and help them with their feelings of belonging.

Art Therapy

Community Building

Community Dinners

is a weekly activity for adults and seniors. The main goal is to relax and let emotions and hidden desires come out through various art techniques.

provides opportunities for Ukrainians to be visible to the local community as a new cultural group, but it is also a way to share and learn from the Dutch and international community

are held after the cooking workshop. These dinners build good bonds within the community and encourage seeing the needs of each person.

Contact for more information:

Coordinator: Alina Bielun