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Road of Hope


We believe in humanized integration

We are a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, devoted to supporting refugees in their journey towards integration.
We assist in the integration of refugees into the host community by guiding them through this challenging, nerve-wracking process.

Our vision

Is to contribute to a world in which displaced people, refugees and asylum seekers efficiently and humanely integrate into their host society.

Our mission

Is to enable displaced people, refugees and asylum seekers, regardless of religion, age and race to contribute to, participate in and engage with their host society, in order to function as citizens.


As an institution, we cherish compassion and empathy in every action taken and decision made, believing that these values foster fellowship as a way to restoration, encompassing social, personal, emotional and professional aspects. Furthermore, we cherish mutual understanding between refugees and their host society about their personal and professional histories, and differences in cultural context, respectively. Lastly, we value community as the foundation of mutual understanding that brings people together.

We believe that successful integration is only achieved when the feeling of belonging to the new culture is created.

Our background

Voices from Zaatari: The Birth of Road of Hope

“I often say that Road of Hope was born while I was walking on the sands of Zaatari. I remember well the first woman I interviewed in Zaatari, a very beautiful woman with deep green eyes that I’ll never forget. As I was leaving her tent, she held my hand and asked me: “What are you going to do with everything I’ve told you today?”, and I replied that I was going to write my master’s thesis. And she, still holding my hand, said: “Then please give voice to our suffering. Let people know what is really happening to us, what life is like for Syrians, what life is like for refugees, and what life is like here in Zaatari. Give us a voice.” – Patricia Barendregt, founder and director of Road of Hope.

Meet our team

Patricia Silva Barendregt

Founder and director of Road of Hope

Adriane Vieira

Project Coordinator of Breath of Hope

Alina Bielun

Project Coordinator of Together

Tatev Pardjinjan

Project Coordinator of Ondernemerschap

Gabriella Pignato

Project Coordinator of Bridge of Hope

Ana Claudia Luz

Communication Coordinator

Anika Jansen

Human Resources Coordinator

Meet our Board Members

Brian Burgoon


Raquel Nascimento


C. A. de Leede