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Road of Hope


Our experience is that emotional support is an essential part of successful integration.

Breath of Hope is focused on the personal growth and empowerment of women by providing opportunities to reflect on their lives in a safe environment, learning opportunities, interaction and coexistence with the local community.


We believe that the more integrated and empowered the woman is, the more she will positively influence the integration of her family, especially her children. In this project, we deal with highly personal and subjective issues that require individualized attention.
Supported by the City of Amsterdam since 2020, Breath of Hope provides activities, space and opportunities for refugee women to reach the level of self-awareness, assertiveness, autonomy and resilience that will allow them to take back control of their own lives. Through compassion and empathy, we aim to promote community engagement where newcomers themselves play the leading role in their integration pave the way for harmonious togetherness and contribute to the well-being of all.

Breath of Hope Main Activities

Home Visits and Appointments

Women’s Gathering

Women’s Gathering Parties

are available to build a relationship of trust with the participants, support them in their needs and to offer individual emotional support.

is our safe time and place for emotional and self-care. There, women will find socialization, mutual support, and the provision of moments for reflection of experiences and feelings through various activities.

are intended to create space for exchanges and conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. This is also intended to build a sense of belonging to a group and to encourage identification with the Netherlands.

Thematic Workshops

Dutch Classes


are also offered to participants monthly. It puts together newcomers with people from the neighbourhood so that they can learn and teach each other about relevant topics.

are available during the Women’s Gathering and after participating in the activity, to support them to communicate with more confidence and better integrate.

aim to help participants be healthier and prevent diseases and sedentary lifestyles. It also focuses on their well-being as a way to relieve them of stress, build relationships and be active.


Contact for more information:

WhatsApp: +31 6 87011352
Coordinator: Adriane Vieira