A Bazaar of hope and solidarity

The Syrian community in New West promotes a Ramadan festival to support survivors of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The BAZAAR, which carries the slogan “Hand in hand we build a new life” comes from the initiative of the Syrian community in Amsterdam which wishes to help victims of the earthquake that happened on February 6, while offering visibility to start-up women’s projects. The aim? A common mutual aid that consists of selling tables (i.e. pitches) to exhibitors which will allow them to expose and sell their quality products to visitors during the BAZAAR, which will take place on the 14th of April, in New-West Amsterdam.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria happened just one month before the anniversary of 12 years of Syrian’s civil war. Unfortunately, due to the duration of the conflict, people might have become accustomed to the devastating situation in Syria, but the most destructive earthquake-prone in more than 20 years, came to shake us back and tells us that such tragedies cannot be so fast forgotten. The most powerful recorded catastrophe in the region near Gaziantep in south-central Turkey, home to thousands of Syrian refugees, left over 50 thousand deaths and at least 4.1 million going hungry. According to the UN, even before this latest tragedy, 15.3 million people — 70 per cent of Syria’s population — needed humanitarian assistance in that region.

For the more than 126 thousand Syrians leaving in The Netherlands, fleeing from civil war, morning their family members and friends from far away, to help the survivors as much as possible became the only way to honour the victims. For this reason, the Bazaar initiative was born.

Arabic food, clothes, jewellery and accessories will be available for visitors. Each table is worth 75€ and all the money collected by the purchase of the tables and the entrance tickets will directly fundraise for the campaign for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. As to the profit made by the sellers with their products, will be for the sellers themselves, which are newcomers entrepreneurs.

Taking place during Ramadan, the BAZAAR will also be a chance for visitors to contribute to a humanitarian initiative by discovering new products, other Dutch organizations, and getting to know a bit more about different cultures. After the event, the muslins participants will end the day of fasting (“sawm”), by enjoying together the “Iftar”, the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims.

How the money will reach families?

For a long time, Syria’s complex humanitarian emergency is among the largest humanitarian crises in the world and the earthquake only increased this situation. One obstacle in providing aid to Syrians is that the Syrian government is still trying to control the northwest, the area hardest hit by the earthquake, where only locally established organizations are able to reach the most in need. Road of Hope Foundation, through the Syrian women who are part of social projects, got in contact with Molham Volunteering Team and started raising donations to, locally, buy medical materials, sheltering, mattresses and covers.

Above all, the Bazaar is an opportunity for sharing hope and rebuilding survivors’ lives. The Bazaar is an open initiative to the community and all the people in Amsterdam, regardless of nationality or beliefs, are invited to participate!


The BAZAAR will happen on the 14th of April, from 12:00 to 18:00. It will be held at RU Pare in Amsterdam (Chris Lebeaustraat 4, 1062 DC).

Entrance tickets for visitors (by the door):

5€ for adults

3€ for children 4-10 years old

Free entrance for children 0-3 years old.


People can buy a display to sell clothes, accessories, food, and gifts by purchasing a table by contacting the organizers.


Road of Hope Foundation

Amalia Academy

Samenwonen Samenleven

Spoken person at the event:

Patricia Barendreght (Road of Hope director) – phone: +31 6 85296828

Maha Alzeer (Amália Academy owner) – phone: +31 6 34095007

Media contact (Road of Hope P.O.): Ana Claudia Luz – analuz@roadofhope.org