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Road of Hope

That’s a wrap for the Ondernemerschap Project!

The Ondernemerschap Project started in August 2022 and has made significant progress since then. From August to December of the same year, it had a total of 22 participants in the Training, Mentoring, and Quarterly Meetings. The program engaged newcomers from various countries, including Syria, Iran, Palestine, and Yemen. In February 2023, the project initiated two courses: one conducted in English and the other in Dutch. The training sessions were held from March to May, followed by the mentorship period, which took place from mid-May to July. It had a total of 21 participants in the Training, Mentoring, and Quarterly Meetings. 

Nury van den Berg giving the masterclass “Getting a Grip on Your Numbers”.

On July 18th, Road of Hope program for the newcomers entrepreneurs presented the Masterclass “Getting a Grip on Your Numbers” featuring Nury van den Berg, an accomplished Entrepreneur with over 15 years of managerial experience. This masterclass was actually the last class for all the students of the Ondernemerschap Project. It was an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise of  Nury van den Berg in the principles of administration and expense management, management strategies, in the basics of tax rules, and in time management. 

Following this class, it was time to award participants of the last two groups with certificates of completion for the Ondernemerschap Project. After 10 weeks straight since February, it was with great emotions that Patricia Silva Barendregt, the director of Road of Hope, delivered to each participant their certificate. 

A well-deserved delicious meal was then served to reward participants for their diligence, their will, their strength and their success. We hope they keep this moment as a loving boost to their dreams and plans. 

The Ondernemerschap Project, an initiative by the Road of Hope Foundation, aimed at providing knowledge and support to entrepreneurial newcomers. For more information, please contact us now! 📲0687688408