Road of Hope evaluates impact of its projects among refugee women

In order to reduce the barriers that hinder social integration with regard to the emotional well-being of newcomers, Breath of Hope assist 37 refugee women by providing support groups, also known as “Women Gathering”. Through reports made by the group leaders, we collected information from 30 of the 37 women who participated in the support groups this past year.

During the sessions, most of the participants indicated that their minds were too busy with worries and this was a barrier to their learning process. However, after the sessions, most of the participants proved to be more confident, encouraged, and willing to improve their Dutch language skills. Some participants also said that they are looking for a job, or are already volunteering or have started their informal businesses – some of these ladies are helped by Road of Hope in this process. Few participants said yet, they have started vocational courses, as it shows below reveal:

In the period from January to December 2021, the Breath of Hope project had about 91 participants involved in its activities: Support Groups, Workshops and Regular Meetings (42% physically and 58% online). Visits and calls were made for interaction and close monitoring of the participants. In addition, a relationship of trust was built between team members and participants throughout the activities.