A new start in AZC Willinklaan

A new group of Breath of Hope group has started! Since 3rd of May, Road of Hope has organized the Women’s Gathering, which is the main activity of Breath of Hope, at AZC Willinklaan – a residential unit for the refugees in Amsterdam.

Every Wednesday we meet a group of women from different nationalities, such as Syrians, Somalis, Iranians and Palestinians, for an interactive Dutch lesson, while we address topics such as good memories, cultural differences, life in the Netherlands, raising children in a different culture, and many more important subjects. All of this is meant to eventually contribute to the personal growth for the refugee women in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, where the project takes place.

Breath of Hope project currently has 3 support groups for women from Amsterdam New West:

  • AZC – Willinklaan – Every Wednesday at 10:30am
  • Sezo – President Allendelaan – Every Thursday at 12:30
  • Online Group – through Zoom – Every Friday at 10:30 am

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