Road of Hope celebrates its 6 years old remembering origins and launching new project

First Road of Hope Executive Board, back in 2015
From left to right: Rute Seni (in memory), Jelle Barendregt, Patricia Barendregt, Brian Burgoon, Raquel Nascimento.

This month, 6 years ago, Road of Hope was created! Looking back, we find the story of how it all began, in the words of our executive director:

”Few years ago, when I was in Sudan working on the field with refugees coming from Darfur and Nuba, I asked myself what I could do more for them. When I was in Zaatari camp in Jordan, visiting and interviewing Syrian refugees inside of their tents, I asked myself the same question. Realizing all the needs and challenges ahead of me I felt so small, I wanted to do more, I wanted to rescue them from their traumas and sufferings. In May 2015, I started visiting refugee families here in Amsterdam through my volunteer work and while I was asking once more the same question, the dream of Road of Hope started in my heart. The journey they took until here is called among them ‘the road to death’, but God can change everything and here we are believing in a new future, new opportunities and new life.” – Patricia Barendregt, Road of Hope exec. Director.

The organization started with three refugee families and soon, from the closer relationship with the refugee families, our first emotional support project was born. Breath of Hope  through Women Gatherings is currently attending more than 30 women weekly. In the face of many challenges, whether in times of a pandemic or an unexpected war, new projects have emerged.

After Samen aan de slag, Gedeelde Geschiedenis and Together, we are counting the days to announce our new project. Ondernemerschap project has been created to provide knowledge and support to entrepreneurial newcomers who are in the early stages of their business or want to formalize their business. Soon we’ll be sharing all the details about this challenging project with you all!