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Road of Hope

The new project of Road of Hope offers opportunities for business development

The Ondernemerschap (Entrepreneurship Project) is an initiative of the Road of Hope Foundation partnering with Salesforce and Itzinya that aims to support newcomers in vulnerable situations in Amsterdam. The focus of this project is to provide knowledge and support to entrepreneurial newcomers who are in the early stages of their business or want to formalize their business. 

The activities of this project consist of specialized training on entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, understanding of the bureaucratic system, financial and administrative management for business; quarterly meetings for exchanging experiences and developing networks of cooperation and contacts, and individual mentoring to support the participant on this path and on how the gained knowledge can be implemented in their practice and business.

In this project, we want to closely guide newcomers in their entrepreneurial process in the Netherlands, by offering them theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as space for exchange with other beginning entrepreneurs and experts. In this way, we hope to remove the barriers that prevent newcomers from formalizing their informal businesses and running their enterprises.

The focus of this project is to provide knowledge and support to 30 entrepreneurial newcomers in Amsterdam who are in the early stages of self-employment and have the ambition to improve and expand their businesses. 

Right now we are looking for newcomers with ambitions to become financially self-sufficient, who have recently started a business and want to develop, expand and formalize their informal enterprise, and encounter difficulties, to be part of this project! If you know someone who fits this profile, feel free to share this News with them!

The Ondernemerschap Project has 2 cycles of 6 months with 10 sessions each, that will be taught by professional entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the participants will receive a mentor that will guide them. During the program, we will also have several networking meetings. Interested people can send their motivation letter of 150 words to For more information, contact Gabriella Pignato (Project Coordinator) through the phone at +31 6 43889099.