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Road of Hope

The Ondernemerschap Project Opens New Opportunity in 2023!

Hans Muis teaching the new entrepreneurs in one of our sessions

The Ondernemerschap Project ended its first cycle of classes on entrepreneurship this past week. Ten sessions were held for a total of nine newcomers who received the information they need to start or improve their own businesses.

For Rana, one of the participants who came from Yemen, “It was a great opportunity to learn from and meet knowledgeable people”. She also was grateful for the opportunity: “I appreciate every moment I had there. Thank you very much for your effort during the period of this course. We learn or grow a new idea every day”, she added.

The Ondernemerschap Project aims to provide knowledge and support to entrepreneurial newcomers. The project has 2 cycles of 6 months with 10 sessions each, that are taught by professional entrepreneurs. 

In February 2023 The Ondernemerschap Project returns with a new cycle, now full English and Dutch teaching! If you know people within this profile of newcomer entrepreneurs, feel free to spread the word about this new opportunity! To confirm participation, just fill out this form here.

For more information, please contact us now! 📲0687688408