Work for the future of  Nieuw-West Amsterdam! 

Road of Hope was honoured to sign, on 23rd of March, the covenant ‘We are Together New-West’ as it is part of the The Alliantie Samen Nieuw-West. Overall, more than 50 parties from governments, social and resident organisations and companies signed the covenant and form a growing alliance that will work together over the next 20 years to improve the future prospects of residents in New-West.

The Alliantie Samen Nieuw-West is an alliance that works to promote inclusion for residents in New West for current and future generations and improve opportunities for youth, safety, social security, the living environment.

“We strive for a cohesive society in which people who have been forced to leave their homes can belong, rebuild their lives, contribute to and be involved with the local population”, says Patricia Barendregt, Road of Hope founder.

In summary, this covenant is the starting point of the movement resulting from shared values, ambitions, tasks, commitment and a focused coherent approach. It is Nieuw-West together!