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Road of Hope

Embracing Ukrainian Newcomers in Amsterdam

Dinner, art, emotional support for 10-12 young, and even a weekly creative textile workshop were the activities that Together members were able to take part in this summer. Nonetheless, the commencement of the new school year offers a chance for the Ukrainian community in Amsterdam to engage in fresh activities.

Until December, the creative textile workshop will continue to take place at the restaurant Lola Luid (Derkinderenstraat 44, 1062 BJ Amsterdam) each Monday from 12h to 14h. As this summer, each session builds on everyone’s inspiration and creativity so that everyone can produce a little embroidery, an original fabric, decorative elements, and so on. Another activity that is proposed is the weekly Painting free sessions where adults and children can let their imagination ran wild on paper every Tuesday at 12:00 et Ru Paré. For those who would like to share a warm and friendly moment once a month at Ru Paré, the Neighbours’ Communication Lunch will be held on 20 September and 24 October. It’s an opportunity for participants to have conversations, share thoughts, and savor delectable dishes together.

Together Project was launched in May 2022 and is committed to providing a link to Ukrainian refugees with their home country and their new neighbourhood while also offering opportunities to connect with the host community. One year and a half after the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Together became meaningful to a growing community in need.