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Road of Hope

Back-to-school time for Breath of Hope!

After a summer packed with workshops and events, film days, soaps and skincare workshops, and so on, Breath of Hope is embarking on a new cycle in September. Three groups of women engaged in the Breath of Hope project will weekly meet during ten Women’s Gatherings. 

These Women’s Gatherings are the main activity of the Breath of Hope project and are opportunities for women to work on their personal development through multiple topics including dreams, routine, memories, and so on. “This group has given me a lot of strength. I have the feeling that I am not alone anymore.” said an Afghan participant of last year’s Women’s Gathering. 

From November, a second part of the project, named “aftercare”, will take place. This phase focuses on each woman personally developing a career plan while learning more about the Dutch labor market. 

The Breath of Hope project is an initiative of Road of Hope, supported by the municipality of Amsterdam, which aims to empower women who are newcomers, status holders, and in vulnerable situations. The project focuses on providing opportunities for these women to reflect on their sense of life, interact with the local community, and re-identify their feelings and traumatic experiences.

Interesting in joining the project? Contact us: +31 6 87011352

The groups will take place in different locations and will cater for different nationalities of women. 

Printed Flyers in 4 different languages (Dutch, Tigrinya, Somali and Arabic)