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Road of Hope

Building confidence and a path for the future

The women’s gathering of Breath of Hope, an initiative led by Road of Hope to support refugee women, is about to end its cycle. A lot of women from Somalia, Iran, Sudan, China, and Eritrea were brought together every week to exchange experiences, offer mutual assistance, and work on their personal development in a warm and friendly atmosphere. To B., a Somalian participant, it became part of her, “it’s special for me because it feels like I became more active and more confident speaking with you guys.” – B. is a Somalian participant of the Women’s Gathering. 


While this cycle of gatherings comes to an end, the Breath of Hope is now introducing the “Aftercare” phase for the same group of women. In this phase, each participant has the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon their individual journey, daily challenges, and personal as well as professional aspirations.

As part of this aftercare phase, all the women are invited to join the Master Class on the 24th of November to get general information about the norms and values of the Dutch labour market. This session will be the first of a series focused on personal development and career goals. 

Master class with Izabella Roseo from Salesforce. November, 24th.

“When I wrote my CV, I discovered that in the Netherlands, they take into account not only your abilities but also your virtues, and for me, it is an important part of us, as women, to look at the good things that we have. I learned to recognise my virtues and abilities that others said I had no right to.” – Says one woman from the last group of aftercare. 

Hence, on the 1st of December, a session will be held about the reflections on the personal development plan and career goals, while the session on the 8th will concentrate on translating skills and experience as well as writing a cover letter. Following these first weeks, on the 15th of December, the participants will have the opportunity to learn how to write a CV and, later on the 22nd of the same month, how to prepare for a job interview. 

All the activities mentioned will take place at Ru Paré Community, room 1.09 at 15h00. 
Interesting in joining the project? Contact us: +31 6 87011352