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Road of Hope

Together Project builds strong and grounded communities in Amsterdam

At the heart of the Together project’s commitment to fostering community bonds, a series of events was recently hosted for families. These endeavours aim to create spaces for connection, reflection, and shared experiences among the diverse community. For instance, at the beginning of November, some women had the opportunity to participate in the “Ladies Friday Night” event held at Riekerhof, where a professional hand masseuse demonstrated the significance of self-care. Other events gathered members of the Together project such as watching the Barbie movie or having the chance to attend an Italian cooking workshop given by Fabio, one of the volunteers. This workshop gathered no less than 60 persons and ended with everyone relishing the delectable Italian meal prepared all together.

From left to right: Cooking Workshop, Creative Textile sessions, ArtProject Roothless.

November also marked the opening of Rootless, a groundbreaking initiative designed to delve into the profound connection between Ukrainian identity and the natural world. During the first meeting, eight participants embarked on a journey into the past, recalling memories associated with the plants in their Ukrainian backyard. These botanical stories intertwined with family narratives, creating a tapestry of shared experiences. As the program progresses, participants will explore the origins of these plant species, contemplating their own stories of forced displacement and the resilience that allows them to flourish in different places.

Alina Bielum, the Coordinator of Together Project, emphasizes “For Ukrainians, besides food, that is always a way to show love, the most important life-giving community occupation is gardening, art, choir singing, embroidery. All of the activities, where people come, they repeat, we need it, it is so important to hear the language, to be surrounded by their people.”

Together Project has just crossed the calendar in a beautiful way. For the last 6 months, Together carried out three different activities every week, in different places (Ru Paré, Riekerhof and Lola Luid) and other events attending children and families, besides the latest art project Rootless.

Since it was created in 2022, the project finishes its 2nd season in December and enters into another recess. We thank all the support and we hope to get back together with this amazing community, as soon as possible.