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Road of Hope

Discover Our New Website, Connect People and Join us!

We are thrilled to unveil our redesigned website, crafted with a singular mission: to empower and connect people through projects that were beautifully built for our community of newcomers.
Our new website serves as a beacon of hope and a hub of resources for all those dedicated to refugee causes worldwide.

What You’ll Find:

  1. Our projects of Impact: Dive into inspiring initiatives to improve our communities and the experience of integration in different parts of Amsterdam.
  2. Get Involved: Whether you’re looking to volunteer, donate, or collaborate, our new site provides easy-to-navigate avenues to join our mission and make a meaningful difference.
  3. News and deeds: get updated about our activities and events. 
  1. Educational Resources: Access valuable reports, and educational materials that deepen understanding of humanitarian issues and empower informed action. – Coming up soon!

Why Visit Us:

Our website isn’t just a digital presence—it’s a platform for collaboration, learning, and inspiration. Together, we can build a future where compassion and solidarity prevail.

Join us today at and discover how you can be a catalyst for change. Together, we are rebuilding hope and promoting a brighter tomorrow for all.

To all the team of professionals and volunteers, our gratitude for unwavering support and dedication to our shared mission and vision.